The Political PR, now this emergence of new media
As Political PR agency we are committed towards our work and perform the best practices for our clients.

Indian Political PR (Public Relation) is the next change, the introduction of Social and Digital Media has given the new face to the Political PR, now this emergence of new media has become the reality which seems to be unreal some years back. Political PR is considered to be the future of Indian Politics and will play a role in the game changer in every upcoming political event. Political PR does not have its restriction actually it goes far beyond any superficial understandings of public relations as being about just media relations or news management and builds upon contemporary definitions of public relations adapted to political contexts and processes.

Political PR is actually the creating brand through various Political Campaign in the online or offline mode to make direct connections with the public. Making Promotion and building image of the politicians are employed to convey information and shape political opinion.

In PR 24x7 we provide the quality services for our client, and exactly plan and execute to deliver the best services to make the imagination into reality. We are a leading Political PR agency headquarter in Indore the biggest Political PR Agency in North India. Our team of 75 people working for 24 hours through 7 days focusing on Planning and Communication Solution in the field of Political PR.

Combination of Knowledge and Skills
Our work includes with the detail study of Client and research, considering all the aspects of the public and their perception towards the Political Party and their Leader. The Ground level research is the key measure to understand the current trend and thinking developing in the people’s mind. By our wisdom and knowledge we create the Blue Print which will be best suited for our client. We help our Political client to achieve their Goal. The strategies made for the client plays a key role in deciding their future, we plan the way by which our Political Client able to communicate with the public in effective manner and connections between both the client and the public achieve high level. The policies we follow are of high level, and the keen knowledge of contemporary methods in print and electronic media are our strength.

Experience in various supportive tools, such as creativity, planning and evaluation techniques, as well as market and opinion research and mixing of this knowledge, support us to serve our Political Client the best services. Skills in professions related to communication, public affairs, marketing, advertising, direct marketing etc. are making our work different which exactly make a combination with the current political scenario, and regardless of field of activity, we have sound knowledge and experience in a number of different domains relevant to communication. We are Asia's only PR Company having SA 8000:2008 certificates for implementing CSR and North India's only limited company having ISO 9001:2008 certificates for global standard. 

Mr. Atul Malikram the founder and Managing Director of 24x7 providing Political PR share the information about his company he stated that ‘Our Company always follow the path which other are not think of, serving our Political clients with the work which is out of the Box. Research, Strategies Planning, Execution, Serving and Continuous Research are our key strength. Our growth level says about the quality services we are providing’.

As Political PR agency we are committed towards our work and perform the best practices for our clients. Our clients include various Leaders of Political Parties. Our main motto is to create such a image of our Political Client which not only emphasis on current situation but also having the wisdom to see the future consequence of the work done by us, so our client are able to can the benefit in future too.

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